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Need help completing your FVRA tool? You’re not alone!

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) recently released its Annual Report for the 2017-18 period. Once again, the figures contained within indicate that ASQA is getting tougher in its approach to compliance, particularly for new entrants to the sector. In the...

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Cash flow problems and solutions

Over the last few years there have been some changes to the RTO landscape that have significantly impacted cash flow. It is a problem for many businesses in the Australian market, particularly RTOs that have been operational for some time. Cash flow is the movement or...

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Regional VET still overlooked

Earlier this month, the new-look Coalition Government made its first big pledge in relation to tertiary education. In a joint announcement from new Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education, Michaelia Cash, and Minister for Education, Dan...

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Case Study: Getting the finance department basics right

The client: The college had recently appointed a new CEO and their work was starting to have an impact as student numbers were on the increase again. Profitability was also seemingly increasing, although the accounting department was a mess; suppliers and employees...

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Case Study: Structuring advice for a growing RTO business

The client: Our client was the owner of an RTO that was growing rapidly, from $500k in revenue in the first year, to $4m and then $8m the year after. The growth in student numbers, revenue and the high net profit was testament to the client’s hard work. However, the...

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Can I set up a Not-for-Profit for my business?

The not-for-profit sector in Australia is booming, growing at 8% per year, as organisations and individuals see the potential for operating through a structure that receives significant tax and other concessions. With Australia’s charitable organisations generating...

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How healthy is your RTO?

No matter what market you are in, if you don’t know the health of your business, you are setting yourself up for failure. Business owners who are aware of their business performance metrics and have clear visibility of potential opportunities and risks are much more...

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Moving on from the university vs VET debate

Over the past fortnight, we have seen another surge in mainstream media coverage of Australia’s education sector, led in particular by the Mitchell Institute’s latest report on school-industry partnerships, and closely followed by KPMG who called for the Government to...

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Fee free apprenticeships and their impact on your business

On 1 July 2018, the NSW Government officially launched its new fee free apprenticeships program. Delivered as part of the Smart and Skilled program, the Government will pay the qualification fee, up to $2,000, for 100,000 new apprentices who commence their training on...

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