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Fee free apprenticeships and their impact on your business

On 1 July 2018, the NSW Government officially launched its new fee free apprenticeships program. Delivered as part of the Smart and Skilled program, the Government will pay the qualification fee, up to $2,000, for 100,000 new apprentices who commence their training on...

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GUEST BLOG: New Process for Initial Registration

On 1 May 2018 ASQA announced that they will be “increasing scrutiny on new applications for registration from 1 July 2018”. The regulator has adopted a new process which became effective on 1 July 2018. In this special guest blog, Angela Connell, Chief Executive...

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The value of good relationships

Running a business is much easier when you have good relationships with staff, customers and suppliers. In fact, many would say business success is largely attributable to the trust and level of service that comes from great relationships. Relationships with external...

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Will we get a visit from Santa Claus Morrison?

Over the last few weeks, various media outlets have been predicting that the upcoming Federal Budget will see Treasurer Scott Morrison playing Santa Claus and handing out tax cuts and generous infrastructure project expenditure to keep businesses and individuals...

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More support for regional VET needed

I recently wrote about the impact of falling VET student numbers on Australia’s skilled labour force (see: Student Exodus Not Slowing). The Government’s continued diversion of education funding towards universities and away from skills-based training has led to an...

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Coping with compliance

It’s no secret that managing compliance obligations is one of the biggest strains on RTO businesses operating in today’s market. Instead of driving positive outcomes for students, RTO managers are frequently distracted by reporting tasks and regulated requirements....

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Student exodus not slowing

Australia is facing a significant skills shortage and the problem undoubtedly stems from the falling student numbers in our VET sector. The vocational training exodus has been receiving significant media attention of late, but what is really needed is definitive...

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