FVRA and ASQA Assistance Service

We assist both existing and new RTO’s to submit an FVRA (Financial Viability Risk Assessment) Tool to ASQA and have completed countless compliant FVRA Tools under the new requirements since July 2018. We are working in this space every day and therefore understand it thoroughly.



The Financial Viability Risk Assessment Tool is required to be submitted to ASQA:

  • as requested for a monitoring review;
  • on initial registration; and
  • at a change of scope.

Completing the FVRA Tool can be a daunting task and RTO Accountants are here to help streamline the process for you, making it easier and relieving unnecessary stress.

The team at RTO Accountants will work with you to get your financials prepared to demonstrate the required financial viability of your business. RTO Accountants can assist, prepare and complete a compliant ASQA FVRA Tool for your business; providing step-by-step assistance, guidance, support and more.


Business Setup and Structuring for an RTO

Experts in designing optimal business structures for the RTO sector. Setting up the essentials for your new business venture, the team at RTO Accountants will assist in building the crucial financial foundations of your business.

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